La Roque Law p.l.l.c.

Licensed to practice law in California, New Hampshire, New York, and the District of Columbia


Client services

La Roque Law provides open-book client services that keep you informed of the status of your case and gives you access to your case files and documents on demand.

work products

The law firm uses your information securely and strategically to develop plans and produce work products that resolve legal issues.


The firm answers legal questions within our law practice that you may act on or retain our complete services to work on your behalf.


Sean La Roque-Doherty, dba La Roque Law P.L.L.C., provides tax processing, representation, resolution, and consulting for individuals, estates, partnerships, and small businesses. He offers estate and probate planning and administration, creates wills and trusts, and serves as a notary public.

Sean advises individuals and organizations on business formation and operations and plans business succession and termination. He helps businesses comply with laws, regulations, and industry standards governing information, data privacy, security, and tax.

Sean creates and reviews data privacy agreements and advanced software licenses. He also works as an independent contractor for law firms and other organizations and ghostwrites content for lawyers, law firms, and legal technology providers.

LAW practice

  • Tax law
  • Estate and probate planning and administration
  • Small business advisory
  • Compliance
  • Data privacy agreements
  • Software licensing